Prevent, Protect & Predict Chargebacks

A comprehensive 360-degree dispute and chargeback management solutions for merchants and payment processors.
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Chargebacks Protected


Chargebacks Predicted

Our Solutions

Prevent chargebacks through real-time alerts on your transactions. Our fraud prevention software works to prevent chargebacks from happening in the first place.

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Improves Your Profitability With Advanced Chargeback Protection. With our custom-made solutions, We will help to keep your business from falling victim to chargeback claims.

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The Most up-to-date CB prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms. Our ability to work with large data sets in real-time helps to sniff out fraudulent behaviors and patterns.

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Key Features


Our real-time fraud prevention technology is an essential piece of puzzle in fraud-proofing your business.


Track and Record Chargebacks Effortlessly with Our automated chargeback management.


Seamless and secure integration is our forte with a strong technology backbone.

AI Driven

Fraudsters are smart, but we’re smarter. We combine AI & ML models to generate accurate fraud predictions.


Manage it all, from one place with our intuitive Dashboard of real-time chargeback analytics.


Analyzes your chargeback data in real time while keeping the strictest compliance to keep your data safe.

Our Promise

Risk Management

Our Custom Risk management solutions allow us to detect fraud at a very early stage, while applying a sophisticated risk assessment on all levels.

Low Error Rates

You are bound to have low error rates with our automated chargeback management with proactive human oversight.

Dispute Tracking

By analyzing our dispute tracking report, You can identify weaknesses that can help you plug any holes in your process.


Transparency is our power. With improved transparency on your side, You are more informed to make the best business choices.


Our predictive analytics helps in increasing productivity and you can have the best ROI possible.

Industries Served


E-Commerce fraud is an ongoing problem for online merchants and credit card companies. It has been growing at twice the rate of e-commerce sales.


Selling tickets through a variety of channels and dealing with fluctuating prices, limited time frames, and many layers of regulations.

Health & Beauty

As a result of these unique challenges—as well as the more conventional ones—online Health and Beauty businesses can incur a number of ugly, fraud-related costs.

Loans & Cash Advance

The idea of getting a substantial cash advance can be appealing to most eCommerce entrepreneurs.


Irresponsible gamblers can become frustrated due to suffering losses. They can even go as far as calling their credit card issuer and denying that it was them who made the charge.

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