Chargeback Analytics ​

Chargeback 360 empowers you with robust analytic tools and capabilities that work seamlessly with real-time data to help you review and calculate any risk or exposure. Our Analytics screen is designed to showcase the most relevant data and help you monitor alerts, chargeback rates, win-loss ratios and affiliate fraud.

1. Chargebacks VS Sales: From the number of sales to chargebacks, we provide a detailed look into your sales metrics.

2. Billing Cycle: It’s important to monitor the billing cycles as  chargebacks increase, especially for subscription-based businesses with recurring billing.

3. BIN : Chargeback data by BIN is used to determine the issuers that possess most chargebacks.

4. Reason codes: Careful analysis of chargeback reason codes can help merchants proactively prevent chargebacks.

5. Affiliates: To maximize profitability, you need to invest in the sources that drive quality traffic and avoid sources that increase the likelihood of chargebacks.

6. Customer service metrics: Monitoring  various customer service metrics helps to improve customer experience and keep chargeback rates low.

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