From Manual to Automated

Take the burden of disputes off your shoulders. Chargeback360 collects,
analyzes, and submits evidence for transaction inquiries and chargebacks for you.

The Pain of Handling Disputes:

Buyer creates a dispute
in their bank's resolution

You try and convince
them to close the
dispute, while going
back and forth for days,
and end up spending
valuable time on each

After not agreeing on a
solution, the customer
escalates the dispute to
a claim with their bank
and now you need to
prove why this dispute
should be settled in
your favor.

Experience and response
quality will make or break
the result of the claim
process. You may end up
listing a lot of money as
more and more disputes
come in.

With Chargeback 360

No more having to spend valuable time constantly handling disputes,
use your time to build your business, and we will take it from here.


Connect your merchant
account, payment gateways,
or e-commerce platform with
our dashboard easily.

2.We Got You Covered

Our dashboard and team of experts calculate
the best possible dispute strategy for your
business based on various factors such as
dispute performance, merchant category
codes, dispute reasons, and much more.

Automate your Chargeback Mitigation

We make chargeback management easy - taking
the first step is even easier. Schedule a demo now
to get on your way to chargeback freedom.

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