Chargeback representment gives a merchant a second chance to get paid when a customer unjustly tries to dispute a charge.

Let’s face it – sometimes the customer isn’t always right, and sometimes they take fraudulent actions that negatively impact your bottom line.

Fighting chargebacks can seem daunting, complex, and consuming, so merchants often decide not to fight wrongly issued chargebacks. It’s important that you understand the process in detail and how to make it work for you. You can give a huge boost to your company’s profitability and help keep consumers accountable for their actions.

We hope the following article will help you better understand what chargeback representment is and how you can take action when needed.

How Chargeback Representment works

If a consumer purchases a product or service and they think they’ve been charged the wrong amount, the product isn’t what they expected, they have the legal right to request a chargeback via their bank.

A chargeback is a reversal of funds that is pulled from your account and refunded to your customer.

Before this happens, a customer is required to contact the merchant and try to settle the matter. If a merchant doesn’t do anything to help solve the issue, the customer then has the power to go directly to the bank to request a chargeback.

Sometimes these efforts are malicious. Other times, people do have reasonable complaints and issues, and in some cases they make honest errors.

Sadly enough, many consumers have taken advantage of requesting chargebacks.

Chargeback fraud is a serious issue, as people find loopholes and go directly to a bank when the merchant has done nothing wrong.

This Is Where Representment Comes In

Thankfully, merchants have the right to fight back against wrongly reported chargebacks. You essentially submit evidence to prove that the transaction in question was done ethically and correctly.


This is where the concept of “re-present-ment” comes into play. A merchant works to reveal that a chargeback is unwarranted and shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place.

Because the representment process takes time and effort to prove, it isn’t uncommon for merchants to simply take the hit and move on, especially if their business processes don’t have safeguards in place that protect them throughout the purchasing and delivery process.

Why You Should Re-Present and Not Give In

It’s safe to say that no two chargeback situations are usually the same. But one thing is certain: The less you stand up for yourself, the more revenue you will lose. Additionally, the more unwarranted chargebacks you process, the worse you look to your bank. When you have a string of chargebacks that aren’t contested and resolved, banks begin to look at your business as higher risk.It’s also important to mention that fighting fraud is important for society as a whole. Consumers should never get the idea in their minds that they can get away with taking advantage of the brands they buy from.Shocking statistics reveal that half of consumers who get away with such practices will do it again within 90 days. So, it’s vital that you stand up against them.

How to Compile Evidence & Be Prepared

To win a chargeback reversal you’ve got to submit as much evidence as possible. Depending on the reason for a chargeback, the type of evidence will vary, but the following can help your case:

  • A legible copy of a sales receipt.
  • Tracking numbers.
  • Communications with your customer.
  • Proof that the order was received.
  • Proof that the cardholder has possession of the product. This can be in the form of photos and emails.
  • Proof that the actual cardholder made the purchase and not a family
  • member or friend.
  • A signed form stating that the cardholder received a shipment.
How to Compile Evidence & Be Prepared

The list can go on and on. 

 As you work through the issue of wrongly submitted chargebacks, it’s important for you to consider revising your current business practices to make sure that plenty of proof can be gathered and submitted if needed.

Last Words 

Don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t thought of this problem when building out your processes. Dare to take the steps needed today to get things moving in the right direction.

The representment process was created to safeguard you from revenue loss and to keep consumers honest. 
The more you get comfortable with disputing seemingly fraudulent or inaccurate chargeback efforts, the easier the process will become
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