Chargeback Prevention

Chargeback360 helps you to prevent avoidable chargeback and fraud losses through effective, timely, and accurate dispute resolution through enhanced data aggregation and communication, inquiry interception and robust reporting.

1. Pre-chargeback alerts: Chargeback Alerts are our first line of defense to prevent disputes
from initiating chargebacks, which we automate and take care of 24/7.

2. Root Cause Analyzer: Our Root-Cause Analyzer allows you to assess various data points,
identify vulnerabilities, increase retention and boost customer satisfaction.

3. Real-Time Integration: With access to the merchant gateway, payment processor and CRM, CB360 can integrate and analyze your chargeback data and root causes seamlessly in real-time, while enforcing the strictest security protocols to keep your data safe.

4. Chargeback Monitoring: Monitoring chargeback rates can help merchants pinpoint
problem areas in their business and improve prevention efforts. We can assist you with minimizing 
high chargeback rates and get you rapidly in peak chargeback fighting shape.

5. Consistent Communication: Automated communication and updates throughout
the chargeback process help you analyzing any fraudulent activity.

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