We take a comprehensive approach towards chargeback representment with our automated system and expert analysis by your personal account manager. All chargebacks are handled instantaneously and accurately. If you have a growing business, or several businesses to manage within your portfolio, our no-effort chargeback rebuttals are essential for streamlining your work day. Our team and resources will help you optimize your representment process and ensure an unbeatable win rate.

1. Customize Dispute Responses: Optimize your dispute responses with fight rules customized by reason code, processor, winnability, and other economic filters to get the highest ROI.

2. Understand the Reason Codes: Reason codes are provided in a chargeback notification and explain the cause for the dispute. Understanding these codes enables you to combat disputes effectively with evidence demonstrating the validity of the transaction.

3. Compelling Evidence:  A successful chargeback rebuttal hinges on compelling evidence. We collect all of the supporting facts and documents and build a rebuttal for each individual chargeback case.

4. Monitor Chargeback Representment Performance: It’s critical for the merchant to track key chargeback representment performance indicators—chargeback dispute rate, win rate, and recovery rates. We score substantially better in each of these metrics compared to in-house chargeback operations and industry averages.

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