Testing & Monitoring

Chargeback testing-monitorings

Chargeback 360 empowers you with robust analytic tools and capabilities that work seamlessly with real-time data to help you review and calculate any risk or exposure. Our Analytics screen is designed to showcase the most relevant data and help you monitor alerts, chargeback rates, win-loss ratios and affiliate fraud.

1. Merchant Data Monitoring: Consolidation of transaction data, order information, and chargeback activity into a single dashboard makes for easy monitoring any time.

2. One Stop Destination for Merchant Accounts: Our Chargeback 360 dashboard displays multiple portals in one place. Quickly analyze your business at any given moment by monitoring real-time data in interactive, easy-to-use reports.

3. Automated Reporting: We turn your data into valuable intelligence. Secure, automated reporting on key data provides important business insight. This includes standard reporting packages, on-demand trend analysis, and data extracts. Get quick, clear visibility into chargeback trends anytime, anywhere.

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